Don’t blame me! He started it.

Well, I’ve finally been dragged into the blogosphere. My highly intuitive grasp of complex situations, combined with an uncanny knack for highlighting the inherent absurdities are the qualities my friends and family have long urged me to share with others. Yes, indeed, they are tired of my $h!t and want me to shovel it elsewhere. So here I am!

Mostly I blame Alex. Mr. Zola created his blog at the urging of friends who wanted him to pursue his writing in more consistant way, in a forum that would let him shine. Alex and I have been chasing this chimera, together and apart, since high school. Good friends who can seamlessly reconnect after years apart, because of a shared love of words and concepts (and a minor obsession with Lou Reed), that makes other people roll their eyes and sigh heavily when we start talking. The great thing about old friends is they were around when you first thought up the excuses that you scatter like rose petals down the aisle. They might even have helped you craft and hone your best lines, so they won’t be put off by the lie du jour. These are the friends who will require honest and accurate assessments of the topic at hand, whether it is talent, love, ambition or even (heaven forfend) our egos.

There are plenty of people with talent, ambition and love, who don’t do much, for any number of reasons and rarely for the ones they say. And some light up the world around them in ways and for reasons we can’t understand.
Last night Alex and I were talking about people we had known and where they were. For all that we admired some folks’ abilities, it was attitude that really rated our respect. The guys who decided to take a shot and put their money where there mouth’s were. So what if they didn’t have what it takes to make it? They made the ballsy effort and risked it all. And even in failure, there is the shining light that beckons us from the dim corridors of every day, pushing back the shadows of status quo.

So now it’s time to see if what I have to offer is worth the price of the match.


~ by friendlycurmudgeon on October 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Don’t blame me! He started it.”

  1. Go ahead, blame the victim.

  2. Hi Jen, and welcome to wordpress. I’m Alex’s cousin in Tucson and found my way here via Alex and my blogroll. I also blog and will add you to my blogroll. Have fun and come for a visit. Hope to meet you on your next trip to Scottsdale. Sara

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