Autumn goodness

Every once in a while we have a fall day in Michigan that strikes me as the epitome of the season.  I enjoyed one of those days today.  Of course, not everyone enjoys the same things, so there are sure to be those who dispute the perfection I found today.  Too bad for them.

I was perfectly comfortable outside wearing jeans and a turtleneck, it was in the mid 60s with no wind so a jacket wasn’t necessary.  The sky was the white of complete cloud cover without inclement weather.  I love when it is still very bright, but without the sun shining in your eyes.  That brilliant white made a perfect backdrop for the fall leaves as I walked in a wooded park. 

Walking under a maple tree, I kicked up violet-red leaves with each step.  There was enough rustling to drown the sound of a nearby creek, but it was still a soft sound.  The leaves were still fresh, not dried and crackling with every move I made.   There was a grassy, open plain between the copse with the maple and path into the more heavily wooded area I went next.

As soon as I entered under the trees, the smell changed.  There was a lot of underbrush and leaf litter under these trees.  All of the rich loam scented the air.  The rain from the past week had worked its special magic, and I saw lots of mushrooms sprouting in various places, including a purple variety that was completely new to me.  That damp earth, covered in a patchwork quilt of  soft leaves beckoned to me, so I found a place a few paces off the path to lay down and enjoy the view.

We’ve all done this as kids, lain on our backs to spy the world above through the gaps in the trees.  My spot probably wouldn’t show much in spring or summer, when the trees are all green, but today felt like a glimpse through a kaleidoscope.  The leaves here were largely yellow with a little deeper gold shading some and others that still retained a hint of green.   The branches were a sharp contrast, almost black and so sharply delineated as to seem almost unreal.  Through small, irregularly shaped breaks, the white of the sky glinted through, like a blank canvas in a jeweled frame just waiting to be filled.

I lay there, enjoying the sights and smells until a strong breeze came through raining leaves down on me as nature tried to incorporate me into the stunning beauty of the scene.

I am sure that spot is always beautiful, but I don’t think I will be lucky enough to get such a fortuitous combination of light and weather again this fall.  Of course, I will probably go back to check, just in case.




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~ by friendlycurmudgeon on October 23, 2009.

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  1. You paint beautifully with words.

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