A Fresh Start

The new year has just begun and with it comes all of the optimism of a blank page or an unread book. For many of my friends the optimism is nothing more than the conviction that it can’t be worse than last year. For others, myself included, it feels like a more genuine belief that things are turning around, that there really has been some progress made towards our individual goals and dreams, or in a few instances a noticeable retreat from a nightmarish abyss.

I shy away from proclaiming resolutions at the beginning of the year, half the time they are trite repetitions and obligatory cliches’. Yes, of course we should all resolve to live healthier lives and try to make our daily lives meaningful and fulfilling, and world peace, we want that this year too, again.  Too vague and unattainable, but the more prosaic yet manageable goals, such as, “I will start doing 5 push-ups and 5 sit-ups each day and gradually work my way up to 50 of each per day,” are neither interesting nor inspiring enough to share with the world at large. Besides, if your goals are reasonable, what the hell will your excuse be for not following through?

So this will not be a forum for resolutions but a toast to fresh beginnings, life’s equivalent of the “new car smell.”  Here’s to you 2012 and everyone you are taking along with you on this journey.

Let’s ride!


~ by friendlycurmudgeon on January 8, 2012.

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