Getting my house in order

A lot of uploads today and perhaps more in the next couple of days, as I round up things I have been writing in the past several months and actually put them on the blog.

There are several pieces that were written in response to events that occurred some time ago, and various holiday bits for dates past. Trust that they were written in a more timely manner than that of their posting.

It is an election year and I am finding it harder to maintain a calm and pleasant demeanor in the face of some of the outrageous statements that are coming from the political arena. There is a strong possibility that my curmudgeonly nature will be brought to the fore by politics before the election is decided. As the saying goes, “I used to be a people person, but people ruined it for me.”

Because I am pulling together writing that spanned several months (perhaps more if I decide to really dig into my notebooks, I mean once you’re committed to typing things out from longhand…) please bear with me as I sort and tag things. I will probably edit tags and categories for a bit until I get to just the system I want.



~ by friendlycurmudgeon on August 29, 2012.

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